Mia Lehrer

"We are so well equipped to deal with the issues of our time. We have a certain level of responsibility to try to make a difference.”

  Mia has created both high-end private gardens and large public spaces. She is dedicated to revitalizing the city through highly creative, sustainable and community-integrated design.

     Ms. Lehrer continues to work on the LA River Project. Currently a 32 mile scar of concrete basin snaking through Los Angeles County. The project has the potential of changing the face of Los Angeles in the next two decades. This long-range public project will bring the community together, socially, physically and economically.

  Another example of Ms. Lehrer' work is the Orange County Great Park. Working with a team of other experts, she began creating an engaging public park on 1300 acres of an abandoned Air Force airport. Still in its infancy, the park is already considered a gem in the community.

     Ms. Lehrer has a B.A. in Environmental Design from Tufts University, and a Masters of in Landscape Architecture from the Harvard Graduate School of Design.

    Her awards include the 2009 Los Angeles Business Council, Landscape Architecture Civic Project & Grand Prize Award for Vista Hermosa Natural Park, and the 2009 American Society of Landscape Architects National Honor Award in Analysis and Planning for the Los Angeles River Revitalization Master Plan.


“In Philadelphia, I saw her present two huge projects. They were organized, and they were politically shrewd, and the process was carefully done, and she worked with other people, other landscape architects -- not very many landscape architects do that…If those things come to fruition… they are going to be of the Olmstedean level.”

Peter Walker

Landscape Architect  

Professor emeritus, Harvard University Graduate School of Design