Isabelle Greene

Isabelle Greene

"I don’t believe in designing a garden that needs tons of mowing, a garden that gulps water. The plants that were here originally can be used for just about all the purposes that imported plants can be used for, and if they’re designed carefully, then they don’t need that kind of struggle for maintenance.

      The name Greene was first known as a cornerstone of American architecture through Greene & Greene Architects of Pasadena. Isabelle C. Greene has continued her family’s tradition, focusing on landscape architecture. Her firm is dedicated to creating excellent design within the context of sustainable living. Her landscapes age gracefully and flow naturally with the land and climate, conserving water, energy, and materials.

      Ms. Greene has designed several gardens that have become famous. The Lovelace Garden, is a family project that features a 60-foot lap pool, set in woodlands which abound on the property, the pool is completely surrounded with boulders from the site. The Valentine Garden, completed in 1984 in Montecito, CA, is one of the most photographed contemporary gardens in the world. A Zen garden using Mediterranean plants placed with a museum-like quality, the garden includes colorful ground covers and gorgeous tiered planters. 

Ms. Greene has a Bachelor of Arts in Botany from UCLA, specializing in California taxonomy.



“I hope one day that landscape architecture will be considered a fine art, and I think when that time comes, Isabelle Greene very much will appear, as part of that assessment.”

Hazel White

Garden Writer