Cheryl Barton

“This idea of making a mark, not holding back not trying to naturalize nature, not trying to re-create nature, creating something apart from nature, and understanding that there is resonance between what humans create and what’s natural…”

    Cheryl has established a national reputation for the seamless integration in her work of design excellence and environmental intelligence. Her approach is collaborative and idea-driven, based on the belief that landscape is a powerful medium that can transform human values as well as create inspiring physical settings. 

      As an artist with an undergraduate degree in geology, prior to entering Harvard Graduate School of Design, she spent two years working with Dan Kiley. Kiley was one of the founders of modernism in landscape architecture.

    She is a recipient of the prestigious 2003-2004 Rome Prize. A member of the USGBC and a LEED Accredited Professional, she has taught Sustainable Site Planning and Landscape Design workshops at the Pacific Energy Center in San Francisco, and a ‘Green-on-Brown’ studio in the Department of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning at UC Berkeley. 

      An example of Ms. Barton’s work is The Gap corporate headquarters in San Francisco. It features a Rooftop Dining Terrace, a Pedestrian Plaza and an Urban Paseo and Streetscape. Taking formal cues from 20th-century modern art, the landscape parti for the Dining Terrace is minimalist and abstract. The Pedestrian Plaza is defined by a series of terraced plinths and granite benches which organize the space and provide a structural soil planting zone for a grove of gingko trees.

      On the Rosie the Riveter Project she worked as both artist and landscape architect. This memorial garden pays tribute to the women who build Victory Ships during World War II. Built on land once used for shipbuilding, in San Francisco’s Harbor, the project’s includes reproduce photos and quotes from the women who worked there. This project was part of a world wide community through the use of the web.

She holds a Masters degree in Landscape Architecture from the Harvard Graduate School of Design.


“She’s got that kind of gift you either you have, or you don’t have. Some people can be wonderful designers and not know how to run a business. She has both, the qualities of design, and also, the intuitive way of running a business.”

Elyn Zimmerman

Sculptor & Environmental Artist