Andrea Cochran

Andrea Cochran

“I’m interested in the experiential and the perceptual and how that can be applied to the landscape design. Because it’s all about space and when you can tweak people’s movement through space you can also tweak their perception.

      Andrea Cochran is interested in how people move through an outdoor space. When designing for movement, she takes into consideration safety, aesthetics, and efficiency. Her work draws boundaries with a controlled palette of materials, creating permeable edges that blur the line between the natural and built environment. Her projects range from residences, museums, hotels and civic projects.

      Ms. Cochran is artfully aware of the scale she is using in any design. A striking example of her work is Stone Edge Farm, where her design includes a reclining pyramid made of local stone. It 15 feet tall and 100 feet long, anchored by olive trees. The design a includes a large meadow that changes with the seasons. Created between a Zen spa with an 80-foot lap pool, an observatory, and a grove of ancient oak trees, the proportions of the site are masterful.

      She holds a Masters degree in Landscape Architecture from the Harvard Graduate School of Design. Ms. Cochran has received many awards. Most recently she received a Cooper Hewitt National Design Award.


“One of the characteristics that they’ve identified as sort of universally appealing is mystery, and Andrea Cochran, certainly employs that in her designs.”

Mary Meyers

Writer & Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture, Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania