Women in the Dirt is about the groundbreaking work of seven landscape architects. Their projects combine awareness of architectural and landscape principles, concern with sustainability, safety and beauty. The scope of their work ranges from private homes to vast public projects.

Through conversations with the landscape architects in their offices, or in the stunning spaces they’ve designed, the film explores each woman’s personal aesthetics and approach to their discipline. Women in the Dirt shows how these “masters of the obvious” create the sublime.



“I think what’s fabulous about the movie is that this is a group of women who reflect the breadth of landscape architecture today, and the breadth of its history, and the breadth of the practice today, as well as pushing the boundaries.”

Thaisa Way

Historian, Landscape Architect Professor University of Washington, Seattle, WA


“California's a pretty remarkable place. Los Angeles, which everyone says is kind of a hopeless automobile wasteland, you know the old system's surface streets is actually quite a beautiful network, and it's actually efficient in a certain way. The kind of long boulevards and avenues.”

Ken Smith, FASLA

Ken Smith Landscape Architects, New York, New York


“What makes downtowns work are the sidewalks. It's not the buildings, it's not the skyline, it's the stuff that happens on the streets -- It's the tables and umbrellas with people eating on the sidewalks. It's the families pushing baby carriages and the other sort of accidental human interactions that take place on the streets. And that is purely environmental design.”

Dan Rosenfeld

Senior Deputy for Economic Development Sustainability and Mobility Los Angeles County